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So I made this today since I couldn't be at Utah's Memorial.

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The upshot of Pangea Day was such a buzz I made a Flowgram (click on it, it's about a 2 min presentation with YouTube links to check out now or later).

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PANGEA DAY - Powerful enough to unite

PANGEA DAY - building trust, inspiring action...

"In this age images are powerful. Powerful enough to divide, to spread fear, to remove hope. Powerful enough to unite, to build trust, to inspire action. Until now images of the many have been held in the hands of the few. Finally that is changing. Millions of people around the world are telling their own stories. For the first time in history we have the chance to see the world differently, to see it through the eyes of the other."


I would wholly appreciate your feedback if this Flowgram doesn't flow right on your machine! Each page was made with special little notes that were very much a part of the creation (like post-it notes) but I just discovered that on one friend's monitor none of these (important!) little notes were visible.

And let me know if it's chopping off my voice (yes, turn your sound on!) or anything weird like that. Thanks (I'm experimenting)

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Paper Tigers, Tall Trees (New Paper Paradigm)

A Two minute Presentation...click on this link:


I am playing with the Flowgram tool. It's cool but please post a comment if it's chopping my voice off on your machine or anything weird. thanx

Paper tiger is a literal English translation of the Chinese phrase zhǐ lǎohǔ (Chinese: 紙老虎), meaning something which seems as threatening as a tiger, but is really harmless. Wikipedia

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Long dusty summer on the road. Lots of adventures, a few, 'mis'... Lovely to have our own bikes/bed back and the sparkling Pacific ocean.

Haven't written all summer long. Now beginning to have strings of words dancing in my head again. 

It's fun.

She was born
into a time and place
of fossil fuels...
fermented grains...

Now she finds her way 
with ferra-gnomes... 

Wild Wild West
Whole new world...

Wow, we're past Autumnal Equinox already!
Engineers Forge Greener Path To Iron Production

Science Daily MIT engineers have demonstrated an eco-friendly way to make iron. The new method eliminates the greenhouse gases usually associated with iron production.

A droplet of iron held by a magnet. The iron was produced by an MIT team using molten oxide electrolysis, which generates no carbon dioxide gases -- only oxygen. (Photo Credit: Donald Sadoway)

"What sets molten oxide electrolysis apart from other metal-producing technologies is that it is totally carbon-free and hence generates no carbon dioxide gases -- only oxygen," said Lawrence W. Kavanagh, AISI vice president of manufacturing and technology.


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Thank you Catherine for making the words...

Laura Ellen, Dang!
KFAT, KHIP, KPIG, LAURA ELLEN. For many many years these radio stations, in the reign of Laura Ellen, have comforted me in times of pervasive cultural sadness and loss. From the untimely deaths of Steve Goodman, Kate Wolf, Bob Marley, and Jerry Garcia to the societal distress of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, war, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and more war, it was Laura Ellen’s station, her vast musical archive, her deeply humane perspective, and the musical selections of her talented, hand picked DJs that have moved me through the darkness. Now KPIG has been called upon to heal us all with music once again, at the passing of this remarkable woman. They have honored her and her vision with their celebration of remembering. I thank KPIG. I thank Laura Ellen for sharing her gifts with us all. Hers was a life well lived.
Catherine Banghart
Letter to the editor

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What cool footage kalwithoutoil hitching a ride and picked up by a veggi-oil-fueled driver who's newly in the habit of picking people up in our worldwithoutoil.

Thirty years ago we used to hitchhike all over the Uk with our baby.
We were given beds for the night and one time a case of baby food (and only once picked up to get told off for hitchhiking with a baby!).

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